November 03, 2007

Busy Saturday

At eight this morning I went out with the girls for breakfast. I ordered some yummy berry crepes and they were delicious! After we were done, I finished getting everything ready for a luncheon I was in charge of for my ward. We were eating soup-in-a-loaf and the soup was not cooking right. I concluded that my crockpot wasn't working right but thankfully I found a neighbor to let me borrow theirs. I was late getting to the church to setup but with some wonderful help, we finished well ahead of time. I had hoped more people would have showed up, but only a handful did. But it was great with those who did come and the food was delicious! (The best part, I haven't had to cook breakfast or lunch and we can eat leftovers for dinner. Woohoo!) I just finished studying/taking a test and now I'm headed to help a friend for a few hours. Keeping busy is helping me take my mind off things, which is good.

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