November 06, 2007

It's bedtime

It has been a really long day and I don't have any energy left to do homework. The day started with some household chores. Then we went to Ian's baby viewing. (We never did find babysitters for the girls so we took them with us. That's the last time I do that.) Then we came back in time to babysit for friend. Then another friend and her two girls came and hung out for the day. At that point we had five girls under the age of 3. A few hours later, the other little girl I babysit showed up, for a total of six girls, 3 and under. It was good, kept me busy and it's nice to be able to help others. I do admit that I was counting down the minutes until bedtime around 6pm. I hadn't heard myself think all day and it sounded nice. lol But really, it was fun and everyone had a good time. Now I'm headed to bed so I have the energy to get up at 6am. Maybe I will even have energy to blog. I do have a good story about cadavers and how they have ruined my Thanksgiving. You're all dying to here me talk about that. ;)

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Ginabear said...

Yay, I have missed your cadaver stories! I hope you get some good sleep, what a loooonnng day! Big hugs my friend!!