January 27, 2014

Speaking of pregnancy

My last post was pregnancy related and now my mind is in that mood.  I was thinking about how this pregnancy has been different from my others.  One big thing that comes to mind is I haven't been able to wear my contacts this time around.  My last pregnancy, I could tell me eyes changed during pregnancy.  They got a little worse as the pregnancy went on but I could still wear my contacts without a problem.  This time however, I don't think I made it more than 2 months before my contacts started to really bother me.  My eyes hurt and the contacts never felt like they were in the right place.  It became so painful I finally had to stop wearing them.  Darn.  I miss my contacts!  My glasses are fine I just don't love them.  I wonder if I would love cheap rimless frames instead of what I have?  Glasses can be pricey if you're buying them all the time so I don't usually get new ones unless I have too.  Thankfully I have glasses as a backup but I hope after the baby is born, I can switch back to my contacts. 

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