December 28, 2013

"Why does it go by so fast mom?"

I was asked that question in reference to Christmas.  "I wanted the day to go by slow and instead it went by really fast!"  Yep, that's pretty much how it goes around Christmastime.  I actually had most of the week off from work and the first half of the week went great.  I didn't feel rushed and had time to get things done that I wanted to.  Then Christmas came and the day was wonderful.  The kids got excited over every present and my husband and I loved our presents too.  I was so happy to be able to surprise my husband this year with a few gifts he wasn't expecting.  That made me feel really good.  Today, three days later we are still playing with and enjoying our presents. I wish I had a few more days to spend with the family before returning to work but the few days I did get, it was a nice reprieve.  My family needed me to be home and I needed to be here too.  So while it went by fast, it was still very enjoyable and has been a great week!

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