December 28, 2013

Updated pictures finally

Like most families, we have family pictures hung up on our walls in our home.  But I am really bad at keeping those pictures updated.  Is that pretty normal?  We have a tradition to change out the pictures at the end of the year with things that we did all year long.  But that tradition has slipped for the past few years.  Three to be exact.  I kept meaning to do it and even started a folder on my computer of which pictures I wanted to print but I just never finished.  Finally my husband and I sat down about two weeks ago and did it just to finally get it done.  I am so happy we finished!  It's nice to see new ones up and remember what we've done this past year.  The kids have been happy to see them too and reminisce over our adventures.   Now we just need to have our family pictures done.  Not just regular pictures like we have but getting some professional ones done.  It's been about three years since we've done that too.  Maybe we'll wait until after the baby is born then we'll really be caught up. :D

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