December 02, 2013

Say yes!

I have started watching a new TV on Netflix called "Say Yes to the Dress."  It's a show about women looking for their perfect wedding dress.  I think I really like the show because a part of me is living through these women.  I never found the perfect wedding dress when I got married.  Wedding dress shops were few in my area when I got married.  Plus, I am tall and I'm not skinny and I wanted something modest.  Those four things made looking for a dress really hard.  I remember feeling frustrated and sad that I couldn't find anything.  Finally, my MIL took me to a lady she knew that rented dresses out of her home.  I found one that would work but I didn't love it.  I didn't hate it but I remember thinking that it was the only one that fit and was modest and I was out of time and had to go with it.  So watching this show and seeing how happy the women are when they find the "perfect" dress, it makes me really happy for them.  My dress wasn't perfect but my husband was and still is.  Who cares about a dress I wore once when I have such a great husband to spend the rest of forever with?  Yep, I'm good. :)

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