November 04, 2013

When will it be fixed?

Over a month ago our dishwasher stopped working.  After my husband looked it over we determined it was an electrical problem because it wasn't just the dishwasher that stopped working, so did the outlets all around it and the garbage disposal. So we called the landlord and since our maintenance guy quit we had no one to come fix the problem.  So we waited until someone new was hired a few weeks later and then he came out and looked things over.  Determined it was an electrical problem (yep, we said that) and said they would call an electrician.  That guy ended up quitting because he got a better job so we keep calling the landlord to see if this can get fixed soon and she hasn't even called an electrician yet. Grrr.  It's been over a month!  I don't mind doing the dishes by hand but not having a garbage disposal really sucks since I can't use that sink.  I didn't ask her to look at a website for a hydraulic valve or anything that complicated.  All I need her to do is to call an electrician and let him do his job.  Not my fault the wiring is all screwed up.  I really want my dishwasher and disposal back.  This week I hope.  Sucks.

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