November 28, 2013


Worst. Thanksgiving.  Ever.  But maybe I'm not being thankful enough.  I just wanted today to turn out so differently than it did.  I've cried more times than I can count over today and I should be counting my blessings.  I just really wanted a great day.  I had today off from work and I wanted to wake up and watch the parade and the dog show with my family.  That's our tradition, we've been doing it for years.  It's my absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving, even more so than the food.  I just wanted it to be like it always is.  But that didn't happen.

The dog woke up at almost 4am and had to be taken out.  Which was annoying but didn't kill my mood.  But then my husband got a call from his family asking for help to move a couch.  Again, not a big deal, it was an hour before the parade started and plenty of time to move a couch right?  No, three plus hours later he came home.  I was heartbroken.  I had tried to enjoy the parade with the kids, hoping he would be home soon but it didn't happen.  Not to mention the station cut out for about 30 minutes and we couldn't even watch it.  That's when I broke down. The day I was looking forward to all week.  The day I needed with my family because work this week was so difficult.  The day I needed to get me back on track and it fell apart.  I caught maybe 30 minutes of the parade and about 5 minutes of the dog show.  I was hurt and angry and I couldn't stop crying.

We went to my family's for dinner and it felt like just another day.  Nothing special.  We came home and here it is the end of the day and I feel like I didn't have Thanksgiving. So yes, I'm being selfish.  I am complaining because I didn't get what I wanted.  I wanted to be in bed an hour ago and here I am blogging because I have work to do and the baby took too late of a nap.  I'm uncomfortable, exhausted, emotional, and whiny. I am going to need a prayer to make it through work tomorrow.

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