November 04, 2013

The Voice

Are you into the show The Voice?  I am.  I have liked the show since it started a few seasons ago.  Although I admit, I didn't care so much for last season with the new judges and I'm glad this season all the originals are back.  Next season they won't be though ugh.  Anyway, I like that the judges can't see the singers and choose then based solely on their voice.  I especially like that they don't put on crappy singers just for ratings like some other shows.    Then I love the battle rounds.  So good!  I loved that they added a steal to the knock out rounds too, awesome!  I can't tell you at this point who I want to win, but I do have a few favorites.  You'll have to wait until closer to the finale to find out my favorite!  Sometimes it's hard to pick a favorite and then not have them win.  But I still enjoy the show and watching all the artists grow and excel at what they do.  The best singing competition on TV right now!

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