November 04, 2013

We got a little snow!

All of my coworkers don't like the snow, don't want any snow, and loathe seeing anything that resembles snow.  So naturally they don't like that I love the snow lol.  They have been saying for weeks that hope it doesn't snow.  I keep saying "uh, remember where we live??  It's going to snow."  And today, it finally did a little bit yay!  I saw big flakes starting at work and I almost started jumping up and down with joy! (Jumping while pregnant is not very fun lol.)  The snow didn't last more than a few minutes before it stopped and nothing stuck, but it was nice to see anyway.  Of course all my coworkers said I jinxed it, saying I wanted snow so it snowed lol.  I think it's silly to have really cold weather and no snow.  Don't you think that's weird?  Maybe it's just me.  Anyway, it snowed a little more later in the day, nothing really sticking but I still love to see it.  There's something so peaceful about seeing white everywhere.  I LOVE IT!

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