September 04, 2013

So cold

It's 74 degrees outside and inside, I feel like it's closer to being in the 40's or 50's.  Brrr!  My husband on the other hand, has been roasting.  He wants the windows open and the fans blowing.  If it's really hot, he wants the AC turned on, which I can't blame him.  But I'm shivering!  With this pregnancy, I've had the hardest time acclimating to the temperature, inside or outside.  My husband tells me to put more clothes on and I tell him to take more off.  He didn't appreciate my attempt at humor lol.  He's been really good actually, we're both trying to accommodate each other, it's just hard.  The kids for the most part seem to be more on the chilly side, like me.  When they stay busy and active, they warm up but that would go for anyone. If I could, I would do more, but not where I'm so sick.  Maybe tomorrow will be a good day?

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