September 04, 2013

Showing off a little

Two of our kids are taking violin lessons right now.  They're doing a great job and they have been practicing every day.  They're both at that stage where they wished they could play really well and fast like violinist's they've seen on TV.  I keep telling them the more they practice, the better they will get and one day they will be able to play as fast as they want.  Usually it's not hard to get them to practice when we have talks like that.  Other times, it's a little harder and they sigh and hang their heads, but they will do it. We have a guitar that my husband will get out occasionally to change things up.  I wonder what the kids would think if we had a korg pandora at musicians friend that we used on our instruments.  They'd probably love it and not want to NOT use it lol. I'm glad our kids love music and we don't have to force them to be involved in it.  They have their moments when practicing doesn't sound as exciting as playing with a friend, but I'm sure that's normal.  Their grandmas came over yesterday and they were so happy to show her how much they've learned and what they could do.  Showing off a little?  I think yes!  It will be neat to see how well they do come a few years from now.

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