September 04, 2013

Tight, but not bad

The downside to this pregnancy, I've been sicker than I've ever been with any of my pregnancies.  The upside, work has been really slow so I've been able to stay home and rest.  And by slow, I mean super slow.  Instead of working 15-20 hours or more a week, I'm down to 0-3 hours a week.  This week I don't work at all.  Yesterday, I had a really bad day, the worst thus far of my pregnancy and I was so glad I was home and my husband could help me.  Today has been a little better and we've been cleaning and organizing one of the bedrooms.  It's nice to be home with the kids and my husband but the tiny paycheck isn't good.  We have a little in savings that is helping and hopefully my job picks up again or my husband can find something.  Even though things are tight, we've never had to worry about going bankrupt on anything.  I know a lot of people do and some have had to look up texas bankruptcy law, but we have been blessed to not have to get into that.  Still, hopefully soon something works out for us so things aren't so tight!

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