September 29, 2013

Good variety in the family

I would think most families have a variety of occupations in them. Don't you think?  Maybe if you're family owned a restaurant, you all work in the restaurant but maybe one or two of them do something else.  But I would think as a whole, most families each do something different.  Me, I'm in healthcare and I have a brother also in healthcare.  But I also have a brother in retail and motivational speaking.  I also have a brother (yep, lots of brothers) who is a lawyer.  Not working with Meservy Law but he does have his own practice.  I like that we have a variety.  Each of us has something different to "bring to the table" and I like that.  It helps to save money too when you have a question or a need that a family member can help with.  I know sometimes family members may feel like they're taken advantage of but I haven't seen that in my family so far.  I got pretty lucky I guess. :)

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