September 29, 2013

Clean floors

We've lived in the same place for awhile but I'm beginning to see that the carpet here doesn't hold up to much.  I wouldn't say it's the cheapest carpet on the planet, but it's definitely not far from it.  Stains show up easily and it doesn't stay fluffy.  We do have a steam cleaner we've used a few times which helps a ton but then after about a week it seems to go back to the usual blah.  I wonder if there's another way to keep it looking nice and fluffy?  We vacuum one to two times a week, you'd think that would be enough.  Maybe a new vacuum would be more beneficial?  We spent over a hundred dollars on the vacuum we have, which is my book is expensive enough.  But maybe for a little more money it would make my carpets better?  Hmm, I'm going to have to research that one.  But first, I will wait until my vacuum dies.  No sense buying a new one when the one you have works ok.  Even if it means not the best looking carpet lol.

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