September 29, 2013

I wonder

Which type are you?  Are you the type of person who's really involved in the government of your city, state, and country? Or are you the type that kind of knows what's going but doesn't get actively involved in the government?  Or are you the type that doesn't have any idea of what's going on and you prefer it that way?  (There are more types I'm sure.)  There is so much going on with our government right now it's almost mind blowing.  The whole new health care reform is especially huge right now.  It seems not too long ago that there was a huge thing about illegal immigration but you don't hear about that as much now or about those who try to come here legally but need help from an immigration attorney.  Sometimes I feel really out of the loop but at the same time, I don't put myself directly in that loop.  I'm realizing though, that nothing will change unless people like me start standing up and making our voices heard.  Change doesn't happen while sitting on your couch.

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