August 11, 2013

I need a second vacation

I've never had that feeling of needing a second vacation right after your first vacation.  That was until today.  We just got home from a three day family reunion that my husband was in charge of.  It was fun, crazy, and busy but worth it.  Today though, I am really feeling the effects of getting off our routine and off our bedtime schedules.  For anyone who says regular bedtime routines aren't needed, they need to come to my house and see how we all are since being off our bedtime routine.  Seriously, both the kids and us stayed up until 10-11pm and one night even until midnight.  Then having to get up before 8am really sucked.  The drive home was horrible with the baby who had also stayed up really late and got up early.  We're all irritable and cranky today.  The baby took two good naps which helped her and the kids went to bed close to their normal bedtime.  I got in a nap but I still feel like crap and I know my husband is still really tired too.  So yes, this time I really feel like we need a vacation from our vacation.  Today and tomorrow should do the trick of getting us back on schedule.  Hopefully because the kids start school soon and an early bedtime is HUGE for them while they are in school.

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