August 24, 2013

Called around

I started playing the clarinet in middle school.  Loved it.  There was one boy in my class who was awesome and had private lessons and at the time, I wished I did too.  But that was too expensive and I was glad I could be a part of the band at all.  I've always felt music is a really good thing for any child to lean and recently we put our own kids in lessons.  They started playing the violin and are doing really well.  I had a realization that the violin and the clarinet both play piano notes.  Then I thought how fun would it be if we could play something together?  So I brought out my clarinet and played some songs with them.  It was fun except that my clarinet sounded really flat. That's not something I can fix so I called around to see what it would cost to get it looked at.  We have a number of places in town that I believed could do the job.  Most places do a ton of other instruments and sell things I've never even heard of.  Maybe one of them had native instruments maschine groove production studio, I don't know.  But I was glad they could help me with my clarinet, I just have to have the money to take it in.  Hopefully it's not too bad, I really want to get back into playing it.

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