July 12, 2013

Where are you???

Can someone please tell me what job is out there for my husband?  Seriously, I am tired of looking and not finding anything.  Let me rephrase that.  I'm tired of the looking, applying, and nothing.  Not a single interview which means not one single job offer.  Seriously, this is going to do me in.  Every time I do a search for jobs I try to be excited hoping I'll find the "one" and then there's nothing.  NOTHING.  So we expanded our horizons and looked for jobs that aren't specific to his degree but come close and then nothing.  Now, we're looking for really broad jobs and still NOTHING.  Argh! Where is it?  Why did he go to school if he wasn't going to find a job?  We could have save thousands of dollars and stuck to retail.  It's not right.  Somebody somewhere has to see his potential.  They just have to!  Or we both might go crazy.

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