July 12, 2013

All the things I love

My last post was about my husband not being able to find a job and this post is about the job I have.  Thankfully we have an income while he is looking.  Things would be so rough if we didn't!  Anyway, I love my job and all that I am learning.  I learn something new almost every day.  My patients are all so different and with that comes different techniques when I talk to them and different techniques when it comes to their exercising and getting better.  Sometimes that's quite a challenge, trying to figure out the right approach.  Other days I nail it and I feel pretty awesome. :) 

I realized this week I still haven't learned to do a home evaluation. We have a checklist to use but I've never had to go do one.  From what I hear, two of the biggest obstacles in a person's home are their stairs and rugs.  Rugs are scary to navigate when you're weak and can't clear your toes.  Sure fire way to have a bad fall.  Stairs are big too because if you're weak, a lot of people can't go up or down and for some that means not going to parts of their home.  Some people put in a stair chair lift which is very helpful when there's no chance you'll ever get to walk again.  For my patients who can, we work on strengthening their arms and legs so they can negotiate their stairs without worrying about falling.  I love that my job helps make people's lives a little better.  That's the reason I do what I do and I will continue to love it as long as I do it.

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