June 27, 2013

On the go

I like to run.  Ok, I like to jog.  On a steep hill, I'm practically walking with a bounce.  But hey, I do it and I enjoy it.  Most of the time. ;)  About five years ago I ran pretty consistently and since then I've run off and on at my own leisure.  Now, I'm back to running more consistently.  At least 3 days a week and up to five days if I can squeeze it in.  One 5k down and a couple of 10k's to go and if everything goes as planned, a half marathon before the year is out.  Pretty stoked!  I'm finding myself getting into a pattern with my running.  Certain clothes, certain music, positive attitude, pepper spray.  Yep, pepper spray is pretty important.  I just have a normal one but I think a pepper spray keychain would be kind of cool.  I've encountered one dog while running but thankfully the owners were out with it otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have had to spray him because he was not happy to see me.  Other than that it's been uneventful.  Running with friends is huge and running during the day too.  Great way to exercise!

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Kara said...

That's one of the many things I miss about living up there by you, having a running buddy!

I've been reading through old blog posts about all the fun stuff we used to do together up there and really miss you guys. :( I keep praying Richard will get a job down here so we can hang out again lol.