May 16, 2013

So many places to see

One thing we're going to do different this summer is that we want to go on a lot of family hikes.  There are SO many great places to hike around where we live.  Not to mention hiking is great exercise for the family and it's a lot of fun.  We've only gone on three hikes so far but they were a blast and the kids loved them.  Sometimes we invite friends to go with us and that's been neat too.  Being married to a geologist definitely has its perks when we go hiking.  He can tell us about the rocks and the land and knows why things are they way they are.  Geologists get to see so many different places and they learn some really neat things about our planet.  It's pretty cool listening to my husband talk about things.  He really puts things you don't think about into perspective and in a way that makes you excited to learn about it.  Sure there are a lot of things he hasn't learned.  For instance, I don't think he knows a lot about krugerrand but he could tell you a few places where you might find specks of gold.  He pretty amazing.  Our family is very blessed to have him!

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