May 16, 2013

Getting easier

I've been running more and more and it's been great.  I've never been a fast runner, my runs are more like an easy jog which is fun enough for me.  I've found a new running buddy and she's fantastic to go out running with.  Actually, we may have another girl that wants to run with us.  She did once already and wants to going again so that will be fun.  We've worked up to running 3 miles and up to 12 miles a week and I've set up schedules to work us up to being able to run a 10k and a half marathon without stopping.  Pretty darn stoked about that!  Running has really improved my health.  I've had more energy and I'm slimming down faster this way than with any other form of exercise I've done.  It feels really good to be putting my health first.  I cannot wait until my next run day and knowing I can run for a long time without stopping.  Feels pretty darn fantastic!

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