April 29, 2013

Little motivation

I haven't had much motivation to blog recently.  I have been busy with a few projects and my family which means my blogs have been on the back burner.  I'm not apologizing for not blogging, I like where my priorities are.  My kids are growing so fast and I enjoy spending as much time with them as I can.  My work schedule has picked up and I'm running more to improve my health.  So with it all, I am pretty busy.  Some days I feel like I accomplish a lot and other days, not much at all.  But overall, if there's any time left in my day, I will read a good book and go to bed a little early rather than spend a few minutes blogging.  It's been a nice reprieve, not feeling like I have to be glued to my computer.  I feel like I'm actually home-home rather than being at home but in the cyber world.  And I like that. :)

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