March 21, 2013

Trying to do better

Ever just want to make things better?  I do, especially with my job right now.  I don't like how things are going and the negativity I hear and see.  Drama and I aren't friends.  So what have I done?  Nothing.  I keep thinking things will get better, something will change.  People say they want things to be better but nothing is changing.  Nothing.  So me sitting and doing nothing isn't helping.  So here I am, wanting to do something.  So, I spoke with my boss about some ideas I had and she said "we could try them" but she really didn't think they would work.  She wants to fire people.  I think that isn't the answer.  I think we can help our current employees become better.  Better employees mean a better business and a better reputation of our company in the committee.  Getting some print catalogs about how well our employees work together makes a huge impact.  I know company's type that up but how often is it actually true?  I just want to help.  Maybe I'm in over my head.  Maybe nothing will change.  But no one else is trying, so we wouldn't be any worse off right?  Worth a try...

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