March 21, 2013

New car, or two

Job hunting has turned into one of my least favorite activities.  My husband is going on ten months of trying to find a job and still no luck.  Not even a single interview.  It's a frustrating process.  He's decided he will keep applying for jobs but will also apply for graduate school.  We can't search for a job for years so it's the only thing to do right now.  Luckily we haven't passed the graduate school deadlines so he's trying to cram in all the paperwork and get it done in time.  I still hope he finds a job but at least we have a back up plan.  Schooling isn't the worse thing to happen.  It will be good for my husband and it's something he's wanted, to go to graduate school.  It would mean me working a little longer and probably pushing off buying a house a little longer.  But, I've decided those things are ok.  We can still be happy with what we do have.  I am learning to be content with where we are now.  We are pretty blessed and we have a great family.  That alone is pretty darn amazing. :)

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