January 17, 2013

So done

Today, the rest of our Christmas decorations came down.  I am so grateful to have that all done!  My husband did the majority of it which was really nice.  I helped put away the tree decorations and take off lights but that was about it, he did the rest.  Minus the lights on the house, everything is down, finally.  See, we ended up pulling out all the decorations before Thanksgiving, which we've never done before.  So it's felt like everything had been up f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  I was beyond ready to take things down but we haven't really had the time.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to take down our lights outside too.  I would hate to have something happen to them.  We don't have brown christmas lights but the multicolored LED lights.  My husband works so hard to make our home light up so pretty and he excels at it every year.  I worry when he's on the roof but love when he finishes!  I love Christmastime but I'm ready to move on from it.

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