January 17, 2013

I have had it

I wanted to sleep in this morning but things had to be done so I did them.  I wanted to take a bath later this afternoon but ended up holding a sick child.  I took an accidental nap in the late afternoon and by my husband's recollection, I snored pretty loud.  Not surprising, I am almost totally exhausted.  The nap was nice except I woke up with my head in a fog and a head ache coming on.  I really could use a long shoulder massage to loosen things up.  Due to the nap, I didn't get to the store to look for an outfit for this weekend.  I have a song I'm performing with friends and I don't have an outfit.  I was supposed to get some papers over to a friend too, and I didn't get that done either.  I was going to work on my performance too and make cookies today.  Didn't get to either of those.  My husband and I had plans to go out for dinner, even had a sitter lined up but had to cancel because we needed to take our child to the dr.  I tried to get some things done on my computer earlier so I could have some time to take that bath I've wanted all day long but we're trying to get the baby used to sleeping in her crib at night.  I spent over an hour trying to get her to go down, no such luck.  My husband and I got into an argument, which was my fault, so now I'm even more crabby because I came across badly and didn't mean to.  We resolved things and right now I'm totally ready to go to bed but I still have a handful of things to do.  This week has been super crazy and completely depressing. Some weeks aren't very fun.  Happy birthday to me.

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Scott and Kel said...

Sorry you had such a rough day! I saw on FB you still have at least one sick one, hope they get healthy soon and you get some sleep!!!