January 17, 2013

Going for a swim

I would love to go for a swim right now.  I am not a great swimmer or even a good swimmer.  But the thought of being in water right now sounds very relaxing.  Bobbing around, using a noodle to do some bicycle kicks, swimming a few laps.  Yep, sounds pretty good.  Well, the pool would have to have nice, warm water.  I know that there are rheem heat pumps that heat up pools and spas, so whatever pool I went to, better have a good heat pump because I don't like swimming in cold water.  I don't expect scalding hot water like in a hot tub, but warm and comfortable so I'm not shaking.  Pool temperatures change so much and that's frustrating.  But I imagine it's hard to maintain a specific temperature all day long every day. 

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