January 17, 2013

Maybe a small one

I'm wondering if we should get a little trophy display case for the kids.  Do you have one for your kids?  My kids don't actually have a ton of trophies, just little ones from the variety of sports they've been in.  You know the kind, the ones they give to everyone just for participating.  I think it's really nice and it's fun to display their accomplishments, even little ones.  The last activity they were in they didn't receive a trophy but medals instead.  The kids were stoked!  I admit the medals were kind of cool. They weren't the cheapo ones you buy like at Wal-Mart, they actually had some weight to them.  I thought it was a nice change.  Medals can go in a trophy case too.  We don't have one now but maybe later.  The kids are content to have theirs displayed on their dresser for now.

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