December 27, 2012


That was my day at work yesterday.  I was hopeful they day would go really well so I could get home early and spend the rest of the day playing with my kids.  The total opposite happened.  I went in to work and my very first patient told me to come back later.  No problem.  Then I tried to get other patients but couldn't find any of them!  I finally found one and after a lot of convincing he was willing to do therapy.  After him, NONE of my other patients were available so I went and tried to get my first patient again but he became quite furious with me and wouldn't work.  I left his room in tears and went to the bathroom and cried. I've never cried at work before but he was so mean I couldn't stop myself.  So I went back to my office and did some paperwork which was really hard to do.  Not because of the computer, it's not one of those fancy medical computers, just a basic one, but I was still on the verge of tears and it's really hard to do paperwork when you can't think straight.  I finally got one more patient before lunch but then I had to wait again.  I went home for lunch to have a break and then went back and spent another 4 1/2 hours at work.  Total, I was there 8 hours and it should have only been a less than 5 hour day. Lots of patients were mad and unwilling to work, which I understand happens, but it was a lot for one day and I had had it by the time I got home.  Saw my kids for a total of an hour.  Totally sucked.

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