December 27, 2012

Are you preggo?

I love the Christmas season!  I especially love it because usually that's when I hear about all those friends who are expecting but have kept it a secret.  I've seen four posts on facebook announcing new pregnancies already! Two of my friends made their announcements via t-shirts.  I don't know what website they used to order the shirts, maybe they looked at screen printed shirts in va, who knows.  But the t-shirts were very cute!  I had another friend announce they were expecting by putting it on a Christmas ball, all of her kids names and one for "baby."  So cute!  Then a family member announced to her kids on Christmas she was expecting by having them all unwrap baby toys.  Took them awhile to figure it out but it was really cute!!  Love hearing about all these babies coming soon!  Children truly are a blessing! (And for the record, no, I'm not pregnant. lol)

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