December 27, 2012

Quite the party

We have different friends that stop by and see us while they are in town, which we really enjoy.  But lately, with one set of friends, things have been different.  I know friendships change over time and I knew that would happen, but I miss a lot of how things used to be.  Playing games and feeling like we could talk about anything. We don't play games anymore and I'm not comfortable opening up like I used to.  Different dynamics I guess or it's just me, I don't know.  Anyway, they stopped by recently and the kids wanted to stay up and play with their friends which I thought would be really fun but I'm not sure the parent's loved it.  The kids had fun and even got a little crazy, to the point that I wished we had tv mounting brackets because our TV was shaking so much.  But it was nice seeing our friends.  Things are different when you don't live close to each other, that's for sure.  But I count my blessings we have friends at all.  It would be awfully lonely without them.

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