December 27, 2012

Which do you do?

Maybe this is typical, but for Christmas presents, we leave all the presents in their original packaging.  That's pretty normal isn't it?  Some of the gifts in the packages make the wrapping really simple.  A weird shaped object in a square box is easier to wrap the the object itself in my opinion.  But then you have the gifts that are normal shaped but put into a strange package.  I guess this is done to make them look more appealing??  What ever the reason, they're a pain to wrap.  But overall we deal with it.  A few years ago I had someone tell me she and her husband take all of the presents out of their packages so their kids can play with their toys right away.  At first, I thought this sounded really good!  But after my husband and I talked about it, we remembered opening up our gifts as a kid and getting all excited as we watched our parents take them out of their packages.  That anticipation we felt, kind of added to the excitement so we chose to do things as we've always done.  The kids don't seem to mind and I don't mind taking toys out of weird shaped packages.  Spreads out the morning a little longer and makes it more special!

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