December 27, 2012

Did you send any out?

I haven't exercised in over a month.  Why?  I have had almost ZERO time to do so.  We haven't been getting to bed before midnight for the past month because of our very long to-do list.  There have been things I thought about doing but because of time, we never got around to them.  Things like Christmas cards.  We received a few which made me wish we had done some but we really didn't have the time.  We could have looked at doing the wholesale postcard thing and maybe had worked out something easy to send to family.  But even the thought of adding anything to the craziness might have tipped us overboard.  One of my friends posted a message on facebook saying she was sorry for not getting any neighbor gifts out because she too has been so busy.  That made me feel a little better I wasn't the only one that didn't squeeze that kind of thing in.  Maybe next year we'll be able to do them, if we start a little earlier. :)

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