December 10, 2012

Freezing rain

I can't remember the last time we had freezing rain.  I'm not even sure if we had it last night or early this morning.  That stuff is scary!  Everything was slick this morning.  We have a patch of rocks by our place that never get slick but they were deadly this morning.  The rocks, the sidewalks, the grass, the roads, everything was slick.  Scary slick!  I almost fell twice and I was walking really slow.  Despite all that, it was really cool to see it on my car this morning.  I'm not even sure I could describe how it looked on my windows other than frozen water.  Anyway, I hope it means that soon we'll have snow.  I really want a lot of snow!  Or at least enough to build a nice snowman and go sledding in.  I know the kids want that too.  We all want it especially when Christmas comes!  I've had years without snow on Christmas and that isn't right.  It adds to the magic of the season and hopefully we get some soon!

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