November 03, 2012


Almost everyday this week I've been staying up until midnight trying to get things done.  Between family, work, and my church calling, I'm starting to feel a bit ragged.  This week especially, my head is barely staying above water.  Thankfully weeks like this aren't the norm because I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it all the time.  You add in all the busyness with the holidays and you get cRaZiNeSs. This time of year flies by anyway but this year I feel like it's zooming and I can't keep up.  I really think things overall would be better if my husband found a job.  Then we could get into more of a routine instead of randomness.  I don't do random which is why I don't do crazy lol.  I like things clean and organized which makes busy things not feel crazy.  Does that make sense? lol  Anyway, I'm looking forward to a calmer week next week.  By saying that I probably jinxed myself. ;)

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