November 03, 2012

Halloween fun

Halloween this year was fun and crazy!  The kids had fun parties at school and I even made mummy cupcakes for them.  Although they didn't really look like mummies, nothing like the picture, but I tried lol.  Then we went to a trunk or treat and the kids got to dress up.  The party had a dinner which we were late too and hardly any food was left but that was ok.  There were games the kids loved and then they went around getting treats.  We also went to our local mall and got candy there too.  I love seeing what everyone else dresses up as.  I saw two girls dressed as Oompa Loompas, they were so cute.  Another girl was dressed like the girl off the movie Brave, bushy red wig and all.  I had a friend get some customizable t shirts, or just regular ones I'm not sure.  But anyway, her husband's shirt was white and said "mayo," hers was red and said "ketchup," and their baby's was orange and said "fry sauce."  Those were my favorite!  Homemade and creative costumes like that I love.  I'm not sure what we'll do next year, maybe be the four seasons and use customizable t shirts with a name of each season on them and then with decorations.  I don't know, but I do know it will be something creative because that's my favorite part about Halloween!

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