October 12, 2012

Whack a back

My husband and I are having a little problem with our backs.  I have a new sympathy for anyone who has long term back pain.  Let me tell you, it completely sucks.  It's difficult to bend over, get on and off the floor, walk long distances, stand to cook meals, get on and off the couch, and so on.  It's hard when any direction you twist or turn you feel pain.  My back has been having problems since I had the baby.  It doesn't feel like it's adjusted to not having a huge belly to lug around. :P  My husband's back on the other hand, he fell down the stairs and I'm pretty sure he compressed his vertebrae.  He's been taking Ibuprofen and using heat and ice on it but he still walks around like Frankestein, totally stiff.  He's definitely in more pain than I am, poor guy.  Hopefully soon both of us will have our backs-back to normal because it's really hard to function properly when you can't do anything. :P

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