July 30, 2012

Summer heat

I do believe summer has found its way to my area.  Finally!  I really would miss having the different seasons if we moved to an area that had the same temperature all year round.  I like winter, spring, summer, and autumn.  I like how they are so different. So when one season lasts longer than it normally does, that kind of stinks.  When the seasons are "supposed" to change, I'm ready.  Summer this year though seemed to take its time coming.  We've had some rain and cooler temperatures but nothing very hot.  This week, high 90's!  I don't LOVE the high temperatures but love that it's a new season.  I went outside today and saw that it was 100 degrees.  I m.e.l.t.e.d.  Ok, so I don't love it or tolerate the higher temps but I'm still glad summer is here.  Besides the heat wave, summertime means more time with my family and that I love the most about this time of year!

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