July 13, 2012

Inspiration from anywhere

I love finding inspiration in all sorts of places.  Pinterest comes to mind for a lot of things that peak my interest.  That's probably true for a lot of people lol.  But I find ideas in other places too.  When I go to someone's home and I see their decor, I think about what I would do with the same decor or ways I could tweak it to fit my style.  When we go to a store and look around the different departments, I find my mind wandering and putting ideas and concepts together.  Am I the only one that does this?  If you looked at store display fixtures from mfried.com, do you think you'd get ideas for your own home or workplace?  No matter where the inspiration comes it's fun.  Not that I could do a lot right now to actually put all the ideas I find into reality, but one day maybe a few of them!

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