July 30, 2012

Love love love!

I haven't mentioned in oh, at least three or so posts how much I love having a newborn.  I love having a newborn!  That new baby smell and being able to hold a child so small!  I love watching the baby sleep soundly.  I love the little gurgles and noises that are made and all those half and full smiles we get.  I love the way my other children are with the baby and their adoration.  I love to watch my husband rock and cuddle with the baby too.  He's a fantastic father!  Yep, having a newborn is pretty awesome.  The part you forget though, is how tired you are from having said newborn.  You don't have a regular schedule for a long time which means YOU don't have a regular schedule.  You sleep when you can but nothing consistent makes you feel groggy and tired all day long.  But then you look at your new baby and you just don't care.  Too precious and too much joy which helps you feel better.

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