July 03, 2012

BBQ night

We went to a bbq tonight and it was really good!  We don't bbq much at home ourselves, there's not really a spot and I don't have that many bbq type recipes.  But I do enjoy a good bbq and tonight really hit the spot.  It's funny how you don't realize you miss something until you have it again lol.  The food and company was really good and now we're back home.  I still have the smell of smoke on my clothes and it's making me wish we were camping.  You know that smell you get after a good camp out, that one.  I've been really antsy to go camping this summer but we haven't had time where my husband was finishing up his schooling and now being as pregnant as I am, it won't happen until after the baby.  Probably weeks after the baby comes, or longer.  Never taken a newborn camping before, that could be exciting. Or not.  LOL  Hopefully we can get in a trip before school starts up again.  It would be so much fun if we did!!

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