June 26, 2012

Which would you pick?

My husband and I have been trying to decide if we should upgrade to a newer van or buy an SUV.  I love my van now, it's roomy and has plenty of space.  But it doesn't have a roof rack or towing package.  That's where the SUV comes in.  They usually have both already not to mention the extra power from the larger engine.  We could upgrade our van but we'd still be limited with the towing package and since we're not 100% sure what we'd end up towing in the near future, it's hard to decide.  A van is definitely cheaper than an SUV but the towing is a huge plus.  I have a coworker that just bought a newer SUV and he said the taxes on it were really high.  I don't think he looked into errors and omissions insurance cost just did the normal registration and licensing.  But I figure it's normal to pay a lot in taxes initially.  I haven't done it in awhile so whatever we end up choosing, I may be surprised!

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