June 26, 2012

Giving me a run

This baby is really trying to change things up I think.  Now my last pregnancy was pretty rough and towards the end I was struggling but I got through it.  Little did I know that this pregnancy would be very different from my last.  A part of you thinks, or rather expects, that every pregnancy you go through will be about the same and maybe even a little better with each one.  For me, I thought my pregnancies would be about the same but when it came time for labor, I had hoped with each one they would get easier.  For the most part, my pregnancies have all shared the same basic things, like nausea, lack of energy, discomfort, weight loss.  Though with each one, there's always been something new to make it a little more difficult.  And as far as labor goes, each one got a little more difficult.  This pregnancy in particular has been the first one that has made me doubt if I could go through this whole process again. Thankfully, that's not a decision my husband and I have to make now.  Right now, I'm focusing on getting through the day the best I can and trying to prepare myself mentally for labor.  It may not go very well but I'll get through it.  The rest we'll figure out later. :)

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