June 11, 2012

Shouldn't have but did

I shouldn't have cleaned the fridge but I did because it was awful.  Not that the food in it was bad but it really needed to be cleaned.  I don't know how often you "should" clean your fridge but I probably don't go it enough.  It's not my favorite cleaning task but I love when it gets done.  My pelvis on the other hand, is not happy with me.  I sat on a ball to clean it but there's still plenty of bending.  So when I finally finished, I had to sit on the heating pad just to call my joints down.  I wish I had something from archipelago botanicals to help me relax more.  My SI joints in particular have been awful this pregnancy and the further along I get, the more they hurt.  I'll do almost anything at this point to get them to calm down but it looks like the only thing to help is to have the baby.  I'm ok with that. :)  Now if only she was ready!

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