June 04, 2012

Either is fun

On our Wii we have a game where you answer questions and then answer what you think will be the most popular answer.  It's fun because sometimes you think most people will answer one way and then you're surprised when they don't.  One of the recent questions was would you prefer to win a medal or a trophy.  I answered trophy for both questions and turned out I was right on the popularity one.  I don't know what kind of trophy the question was asking about, maybe ones like the ones at QuickTrophy.com plaques.  I actually wouldn't mind having a trophy or a medal.  Trophies are fun but they're definitely more bulky than medals.  Still, it's nice to mix things up, maybe have some of each.  I've received medals for running but never a trophy.  Maybe one of these days though when I get really fast to place!

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