June 01, 2012

Off to work I go...

Since I was injured, my work hours have been cut back quite a bit.  I haven't been able to work for more than a couple of hours without being in too much pain.  It was hard because I felt like I wasn't pulling my own weight as busy as we were but I was grateful for the reprieve so I could heal.  I started to feel better and not hurt so much but then we had low census at work, so had extra days where I came home early.  That was really nice and my family loved it.  Now, things are picking up again, including my hours.  It's definitely an adjustment going from work a few hours to working almost a full day.  But it feels good that I can do it.  Well, minus today because I started having contractions. :P  But usually I'm ok, thankfully.  It will be nice when she comes, then hopefully all my problems will go away, or at least get better!

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