June 15, 2012

Cool air makes me happy

Where I work, I see patients who have their own rooms and every one of them has a different temperature.  You do what you're used to right?  Some are nice and cool while others are freezing.  Some are not too hot or too cold, just right while others are roasting.  This time of year though I definitely prefer the cooler rooms, they feel really good.  When I'm home I usually keep the temperature around 72 during the day and about 69 at night.  Not too warm and not too cold.  I wish when I went outside and played with the kids that we had a patio with an outdoor ceiling fan or something similar to keep us cool on a hot day.  Standing in the shade helps but the hot weather makes it difficult to want to stay outside for very long.  Thankfully we've had a lot of not too hot, not too cold kind of days.  Those are definitely my favorite!

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