June 19, 2012

Elevation can hard

My husband has athletically induced asthma but has never had a problem with it.  Until now.  Being in the field that he's in, he goes all over the place.  Across rivers, up and down mountains, into caves, through old lava flows, pretty much everywhere.  So he's had to start using his inhaler when he's out in the field.  But even with his inhaler, he hasn't had a problem.  But recently he went up a mountain, over a thousand feet in elevation, and he couldn't breathe.  The inhaler didn't work and he couldn't catch his breath, poor guy!  I felt so bad for him!  So he's headed to the dr to find a different medication that will help him in that type of situation.  I don't know what else they could give him, I know he doesn't need to look at http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-phentermine.aspx because this is more to do with his lungs.  Hopefully they find something to work so he doesn't have another incident!

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